NBC is rebooting 90s hit Quantum Leap (QL) as a new drama series starring Raymond Lee (Mozart in the Jungle). Martin Gero (Stargate Atlantis) will be showrunner. The first episode will be on NBC and Peacock Monday, September 19th. The pilot takes place 30 years after the finale of the original series, with a new team reviving Project Quantum Leap to understand both it and the fate of Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula). Lee stars as Dr. Ben Seong, the person that winds up traveling back in time through the project.

Ernie Hudson is cast as Herbert “Magic” Williams, the head of the new Quantum Leap program. He’s a character brought forward from the first series.

Trailer park

A Real World ‘Quantum Leap’ Experience

Fans eager to celebrate the reboot can party like it’s 1985 at a one-day drive-thru experience.

This Thursday, September 15 will see some Los Angeles metro area fans leaping back in time to 1985, the backdrop for the pilot episode of the series. The drive-thru on Quantum Leap Day will be held on North Vine St. in Hollywood at the Avalon parking lot.

Starting at 9 AM, the show will provide an opportunity to get gas for .91 cents a gallon – the average price of gasoline in 1985. While supplies last.

QL is also teaming up with Fandango, offering moviegoers the chance to purchase a movie ticket online for the 1985-style price of $3.55, also while supplies last.

The premise of QL is Sam could time travel when he “leaped” into the bodies of people in the past. He remained in their body until a wrong from the past was corrected. One of the major changes between the reboot and the original Quantum Leap is that the new series will show audiences much more of its present time. The original ran for 5 seasons, will the reboot generate the same audience loyalty? The series will have debut a new episode each Monday, and it will be a full season, but stay tuned for how many episodes that means.

Quantum Leap’s Magic, Jenn, Ian and Addison (NBC)

Will we be watching? To quote Sam Beckett:

“Oh boy!”


David Raiklen
David Raiklen

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