Not knowing anything about this convention, I tossed my hat in the ring last year to join in panels and scope things out. It’s no secret that we’re searching for a home con to settle into and grow with as a publishing house, and Imaginarium looked interesting. Then after a number of Three Ravens titles that I’d submitted to the Imadjinn awards made it into the Finalist category, we went full bore, became a sponsor of the convention, got a table, and took the full crew.

Per their web site, here’s what they say about the convention.

The Imaginarium Convention, now in its 9th year, is an event for writers, creatives, and fans of creators, of all genres, that features three days of panel and workshop programming, an expo, a film festival, entertainment, cosplay, and much more!

A broad array of guests and panelists will be featured in the programming, including authors, editors, publishers, filmmakers, screenwriters, game designers, comic creators, artists, actors, and many other creatives.

The Imaginarium Convention hosts an inclusive environment that fosters networking, learning, professional opportunities, promotional opportunities, and other benefits to independent creatives.

Run by Holly Marie Phillippe and Stephen Zimmer, Imaginarium turned out to be a fun little convention with that family-friendly vibe, and a tribe vibe. For those who have attended Chattacon, FantaSci, or LibertyCon, then you know the vibe I’m talking about.

Where FantaSci and LibertyCon tend to be hard SF / Mil SF heavy, Imaginarium brought a little something else to the plate. They had a heavy horror and romance element that I haven’t seen at the other Conventions I’ve been to, along with the film element that brings in a whole additional range of fans and attendees.

Along with a plethora of Literary panels and workshops, Imaginarium sported a number of film and art-centered content for a wide range of creatives.

Some of the other conventions I frequent have been around for well over three decades, but Imaginarium is only In their ninth year. They still have some growing to do by comparison, but that’s obviously nothing that won’t come with time and experience.

So in closing, if you are in the Louisville Kentucky area, this convention is well worth checking out with lots of new authors worth getting to know.

~William Joseph Roberts

William J. Roberts
William J. Roberts

William J. Roberts is an award-winning author, editor and publisher for Three Ravens Publishing.