Patrick H. Willems makes his entire living making videos about the art and technique of filmmaking, and he knows his subject material in great depth. And, purely by accident, while creating a fictional narrative in which to doughnut his serious critique and analysis of the art of making motion pictures, created a science fiction epic. It has robots, transdimensional travel through the multiverse — but Benedict Cumberbatch is nowhere in evidence,

Instead, the centerpiece of the story is CHARL, which stands for Clout-Hungry Artificial Robotic Life Form. Weilding a piece of technology called a “shape shifter”, CHARL presents in our universe as a coconut.

With googly eyes.

The film wraps up an entire season of film critique by giving the resolution of the attempt of a googlie-eyed coconut to take over the world.

Independent creators are near and dear to our hearts, especially given than itself is one such act of creation — and so it is that we welcome, with great delight, independent filmmaker and vlogger Patrick H. Willems to the microphone.

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