Whitney Avalon is a chameleon. She creates her own takes on popular characters from film and legend, and sets them to the task of singing remarkable songs about their exploits – often to the tune of music that formerly had nothing to do with the character in question.

So it is with today’s Video of the Day, just released from Whitney Avalon’s Patreon. Her patrons got to see this first, but now it’s released to the world.

Nothing is more distracting in a parody video than when the makers of the piece pay almost no attention to the quality of the visuals, but that’s not the case here. Whitney actually looks pretty great as the former Jedi Asohka, and of course her voice is just amazing.

A quote from Whitney Avalon about the project:

I adore Grogu/Baby Yoda so much that I could not rest until I’d created an entire parody music video of Ahsoka and Din Djarin singing his praises to the tune of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy this Star Wars + classic Disney mashup. Of course, huge shout-outs to Ashley Eckstein (who voiced Ashoka) and Rosario Dawson (who played live-action Ahsoka) as well as the thousands of creatives who made The Mandalorian, Star Wars in general, and the original Beauty and the Beast!!! It was an honor to be airbrushed orange to salute their brilliance.

Project was filmed following strict safety guidelines.

#StarWars #BeautyAndTheBeast #Parody

Music available soon on Apple Music and more!

And of course, you can hear this song played regularly on SCIFI.radio itself.



  • Producer, Director, New Lyrics: Whitney Avalon
  • Producer: Kristen Brancaccio
  • Orchestration*: Cristián R. Villagra
  • Cinematographer: Merlin Showalter
  • Production Designer: Rachelle Flauta
  • VFX Supervisor: James Okuley
  • Make-Up Artist: Roxanne McDanel
  • Filmed at: Pollution Studios
  • Colorist: Michael Schatz at RKM Studios
  • Music Mix, Master: Ryan O’Connell
  • 1st AC: Ryan Magennis
  • Grip & Electric: Billy Brenner, Chaz Moore
  • Art Department Assistant: Olivia Bailey
  • Mandalorian Costumer: Brian Fisher
  • Assistant Editor: Alex Wolf
  • PA: Chandler Berg

*based on the original by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman

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Press/licensing/business: contactwhitneyavalon@gmail.com


Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.
Yes. That’s his name.

Gosh, it disturbs me to see you, Grogu
Emotions confused and entwined
I wish it were easy to free you, Grogu
From all of the fears in your mind
There’s no little guy as resilient as you
Your aptitude surely could grow
Some day there’ll be no one as brilliant as you
Or you might choose to stay with Mando

No one’s cute like Grogu
Mostly mute like Grogu
Only comes to the top of your boot like Grogu
Though you’re currently a neutral player
Perfect, a pure padawan
Once you’re trained by a Cal, Mace, or Leia
We’d soon see which side you would prove to be on

No one brawls like Grogu
Sells out dolls like Grogu
Loves to levitate your shiny balls like Grogu
I’m not singing, I don’t like participating
Great! Concentrate on Grogu

Two seasons down
How many more?
Grogu is the star
People are watching for

No one tries like Grogu
Has huge eyes like Grogu
No one’s blood is a sought-after prize like Grogu
Though it’s truly a pleasure to meetcha
You’ve potential like I’ve rarely seen
I am not the right person to teach ya
By all definitions you’re currently green – get it?

When I looked away, he ate four froggy eggs
Which I quickly condemned and chastised
But later, I think he ate five froggy eggs
Though at least they were unfertilized

Ooof – no one snacks like Grogu
has our backs like Grogu
Will force choke anyone who attacks like Grogu

I never thought I’d have to babysit, but
This is the way
He’s my foundling, my stray
Till he’s safe and we’ve won
He’s my child, my son

The lone wolf and his cub
Finding joy and yub nub
So though I have to bid you adieu
There’s no need to be glum, let’s see what he’ll become

And his name’s G-R-O…
G-R-O-O-T… no, wait…
G-R-O-G-U-real soon…
I’m still gonna call him “kid”

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SCIFI Radio Staff

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