Do you remember the last true arcade you spent time in?

I for one do, and it was an amazing time with friends, quarters lined up ready to be the next challenger. It was a time of great music, dark rooms, and entirely too much soda fueling our gaming addiction.

Never in my life did I think I’d step foot in something like that again. I’d thought they had went the way of the dodo way back in the day.

But that was until Michael J. Allen, an author friend of mine told me about a true, old-school arcade just outside of Nashville, Tn.

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So after our Three Ravens adventures at FantaSci, the wife and I planned a trip with the kids to decompress and have a little fun.

Game Galaxy has a large mix of old school and some newer arcade games, plus a wide selection of every console game you can think of as well as an entire room dedicated to pinball machines, some dating back to the 1960’s and 1970

So if you are in the area Smyrna Tennessee, I highly suggest checking this place out. The hours will vanish before you know it, because you’ve been sucked back into the electronic mayhem that is the arcade. Coming from the Chattanooga area, it was the perfect day trip, at roughly two hours to get away from the house, have fun with the family and just relax for a change.


William J. Roberts
William J. Roberts

William J. Roberts is an award-winning author, editor and publisher for Three Ravens Publishing.