Billie Piper, who many sci fi fans know as Rose Tyler of Doctor Who fame, turns thirty nine years old today! We here at SciFi.Radio would like to wish her nothing but the best, and raise a toast to many more years of her health, happiness, and endlessly entertaining work.

Billie Piper with David Tennant in the final scenes with the Rose Tyler character on Doctor Who

Born on September 22, 1982, Piper began her career as a student of the prestigious Sylvia Young Theater School. Prior to pursuing acting, she became a fixture of the British pop scene as a singer, earning accolades by the age of sixteen with four singles making the top three on the pop charts. Later, when Piper made the transition from music into acting, she went on to earn widespread acclaim and several awards for the successful shift of her career trajectory.

As Rose Tyler, Piper made a lasting impact on the show and the fandom at large, being the first companion of the revival under Russel T. Davies. Working with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor for only one season, Rose became most closely associated with the Tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. The deep and meaningful friendship between Ten and Rose left its imprint on fans, with Rose becoming such an important fixture of the canon that Piper would return for the 50th anniversary special to play the physical embodiment of The Moment wearing Rose Tyler’s face.

After her initial run on Doctor Who, Piper went on to play the lead in her own show, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. Many are aware of her connection to Matt Smith, who portrayed the Eleventh Doctor, through his guest role on the series, but her connections to the series post-Tennant run deeper still! Prior to her run as Rose Tyler, Piper also starred in the Sally Lockhart Mysteries, which heavily featured Smith as her co-star in the role of Jim, a cohort of the titular character.

Whether you know Billie Piper as a pop star, Rose Tyler, the Moment, or Belle du Jour, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the work, and the life, of a gifted artist on her special day–and to her, we wish many happy returns!


Elizabeth Carlie
Elizabeth Carlie

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