Lucky Charms becomes Loki Charms in a promotional for the new Marvel Studios series on Disney+.

Marvel’s original series Loki will premiere tomorrow, June 9, 2021, on Disney+. There are few true blue Marvel fans that won’t be tuning in to see Tom Hiddleston recreate his iconic role. As the God of Mischief, Hiddleston’s Loki is captured by the Time Variance Authority after escaping with the Tesseract as we saw in Avengers Endgame. The six episode mini-series follows Loki’s begrudging efforts to repair the time stream he broke.

Just to make sure the deal is sealed, though, the promotional team is borrowing a meme from fandom, and issuing variant box art for Lucky Charms.

From Lucky Charms to Loki Charms

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Loki Charms

General Mills and Disney have jointly announced that they will be producing special boxes featuring Loki to tie in with the upcoming series. The cereal has been redubbed as “Loki Charms.”

website specifically for the limited-time offering and a short video featuring an animated version of the God of Mischief “taking over” the box after the cereal’s regular mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, disappears through a portal have both been unveiled.

The presale for the special edition of the cereal starts June 9, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time for those who correctly guess an “encryption password” with the product officially going on sale two hours later at 11:00 a.m.

They’re Always After Those Loki Charms

It may seem bold and clever, but fandom has been tossing joke cereal box art based on Marvel characters for years at this point. Various designs based on various Marvel characters has been making the rounds on various T-shirt sites.

The MCU is no stranger to promotional tie-ins (this isn’t even its first one with cereal boxes), but this is the first one for a Disney+ series not just from Marvel but any property, not to mention the first to involve an actual name change for the product. The cereal itself, though, is staying the same – but Tom Hiddleston’s face does appear on the box, so there’s that.

Here’s the promotional video announcing the temporary product name change:

Loki premieres on Disney+ June 9, 2021.


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