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This weekend’s edition of The Event Horizon features special guest and first time science fiction novelist Brian Fitzpatrick . We’ll be discussing the new installment in the Mechcraft series, the exciting science fiction adventure thriller Mechcraft: Distruption,.

In the new book, the story’s hero Jake London as he tries to sort out why a sinister murderer is targeting Mechcrafters in the city, draining the silver nanotech lifeforce from their blood and leaving only mutilated shells behind. As the body count rises and the hunt for the villain ramps up, terrible secrets within the Phalanx faction come to light, threatening everything Jake and his team have fought for.

Brian Fitzpatrick was born and raised Southern California, and lives there with his wife and son. His early exposure to horror and science fiction influenced his writing from the beginning. His novel was inspired by some of the fascinating discoveries being made in nanotechnology in the field of medical research.

The first version of Mechcraft was a screenplay, which placed in the quarter finals in half a dozen different screenwriting contests. He decided to convert the script into a novel so he could flesh out the Mechcraft Universe in more detail and really get into the characters’ heads. The sequels are on their way.

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