Starting today, you can get on your Alexa Echo devices, completely free.

For years now, you’ve been able to get the latest news from through your Alexa smart speaker or display device – if you haven’t tried this before, just go to to the Alexa app on your phone and add the Flash Briefing to your morning news briefing. It will read the most recent post from the web site out loud for you you don’t miss the latest.

Playing the station itself, though, has been an elusive problem. You could use TuneIn to listen to – when it worked, which was frequently a roll of the dice. Sometimes you’d roll a natural 20, and it would play fine. Then sometimes you’d roll a ‘1’ – crit fail. TuneIn doesn’t work reliably in every country, either – and in some countries, for some stations, not at all.

With TuneIn not working reliably for us on Roku either, we’re going to be developing our own custom player on Roku directly, which will open up a whole new world of listeners for the station.

As of today, these problems are gone – now plays directly through its own Alexa skill, and should play just fine everywhere where Alexa skills are distributed, including the U.K.

Go here to get started, and add both the skills to your library.

From all of us at, thank you for being with us. The best is yet to come.

— Gene Turnbow founder and Station Manager

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