Rippleton Torn has a couple of problems—he loves the ladies and he loves to gamble. Unfortunately, while he’s pretty good with the ladies, he’s not a great gambler, and he’s just lost his ship in a card game. That’s a problem because—somehow—he still needs to deliver a cargo he has contracted. On the plus side, he won a night of unbridled passion with a Davini. When he finds that Davini women aren’t built like humans and what that night would entail, well, Ripp needs a ship…fast.

Vann Hagar, captain of the Eagle, needs a cargo after his last job went south. He thinks he’s struck gold when Ripp contracts him to deliver a shipment of guns. Then the Davini and her bodyguards show up and everything begins to spiral out of control.

Thus begins the tale of two smugglers who are just trying to make that perfect score so they can live out their dream lives. That is, if they can stay out of trouble. What are the odds?

If the past is any indication…not good.

Set in the Salvage Title universe, and published by Three Ravens Publishing, Smuggler’s Run is a novel by Christopher Woods and William Joseph Roberts. It’s a science fiction comedy, where everybody thinks somebody else is the sidekick.

Smuggler’s Run is a mashup of vigorous pokes at the science fiction movie tropes we’ve all come to know and love, played out by a couple of misfit smugglers who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Join us for a brand new episode of The Event Horizon on Saturday April 10 / Sunday April 11 at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific as we speak with SF Writer William Joseph Roberts.

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