It’s the ultimate collector’s item: Fabergé has created a Game of Thrones themed Fabergé egg.

Fabergé, the world’s most iconic artist jeweller, has made a name for itself internationally as a creator of unique and iconic objets d’art. They have been making bejewelled Easter eggs since 1885, and these eggs, more than any other thing they’ve ever made, are the ultimate in exotic collectables.

This April, Fabergé is hatching a new collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to commemorate the extraordinary story of HBO®’s award-winning television series Game of Thrones. This surprise collaboration will fuse Fabergé’s superior craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity with one of the 21st century’s most popular shows.

Yet for all this ballyhoo (when was the last time you read that in print?) there is only one of these jewel-encrusted dragon’s eggs.

This one-of-a-kind bespoke creation is symbolic of Daenerys’ dragon eggs, while intertwining subtle nods to her stand-out costumes which celebrate the landscape around her and her evolving story arc. The design choices are informed by Daenerys’ journey from orphaned exile to conquering monarch and her ongoing quest for the Iron Throne.

“From the very beginning, the evolution of this egg objet has been truly poetic. The design references Daenerys Targaryen’s incredible journey and the importance of colour within her costumes, her passion for her dragons, and the way she portrayed messages via her jewellery throughout her journey on the show. References from the textures of the dragons and their iconic eggs were used to inform the surfaces of this egg objet.”

— Egg designer Michele Clapton

The egg opens to reveal a beautiful surprise in the form of a crown sat majestically atop a glistening crystal base. This is a miniature version of the crown that would have been presented to Daenerys should she have held the Iron Throne, set with a pear-cut ruby responsibly sourced from Gemfields’ Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique.

“I knew instantly what the secret gift should be, there was never a doubt; it had to be the crown that Daenerys believed throughout her life was her destiny. With the crown, I referenced her dragons, their wings sweeping around protecting the beautiful Gemfields ruby that represents Daenerys, her house colour, and her fierce quest to rule.”

Michele Clapton.

If you’re wondering who the target audience for this egg might possibly be, given that it’s one of a kind and made of precious stones with specific lineage and origin, here’s the money quote from the Fabergé site where the new egg was announced:

Fabergé has a long-standing history in dutifully designing and producing bespoke commissions for royal households around the world, and this latest egg objet follows this tradition in a uniquely enchanting way. Sales enquiries can be directed to the Fabergé ‘By Appointment’ team via

How much would this pretty bobble cost to add to your personal Game of Thrones collection?

We think you can guess.

Frankly, the fact that this single piece has its own trailer on YouTube tells you everything you need to know.


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