station manager Gene Turnbow gets on camera and asks you to pledge at

Also, he just had a little trouble with his video filter. He’s not actually a cat. #lawyercat – also #wehopethisactuallytrends. needs your help big time. was founded in 2009, and ever since then it has been a community funded project, broadcasting around the clock and around the world. We’re now heard by more than 100,000 people every month, in over 200 countries.

But right now, we need your help. The station is powered by listeners and readers just like you, and we cannot survive without you. Costs for servers and internet technology, music licensing, software developers, and even for the writers who write our news articles every day have all gone up year by year.

Dozens of people who work to keep the station going have been doing so on a volunteer basis for years. We are one big family of misfits and crazies, and we do all this because we love it, and we can’t imagine a world without in it – but as much as we love it, we can’t expect everyone to work completely for free. It isn’t fair to them to ask that, and we have been blessed with a supportive community – that’s you – who have been helping us help them help us all this time.

Imagine going to the web page and not being able to find it. Imagine tuning in to and hearing nothing but silence. Running a science fiction radio station of this size, history and quality is a lightning-in-a-bottle situation. Once is gone, it is unlikely ever to happen again in our lifetimes.

Without your support, that’s what could happen. This is important – please go to PATREON.COM/SCIFIRADIO and pledge.

As fans, we don’t get to tell the world what we want to happen very often and have it actually happen. belongs to all of us.

Won’t you join us?


SCIFI Radio Staff
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