Logo depicting the epicenter of the quake and waves of goodwill coming back to people

As most of you here don’t know, there was a series of devastating earthquakes in Central Croatia, a couple of weeks ago. Seven people died in the quakes, with many injured, and many many more left homeless.

The response from the geek community was swift. From donations to volunteering to clean up and more, we tried to help as much as we could, in any way we could. So now, we decided to make an online convention, named ConTribution, with all the proceeds from the convention, donations, auctions and bundels going to the disaster relief fund at www.solidarna.hr , an NGO that has a great track record of getting the help where it’s needed.

The convention is planned to be held via ZOOM, Discord, Facebook and other social and online media, and the convention is scheduled to be held from February 12th (Start at 5 pm, GMT +1) to February 13th (End at 8 pm, GMT +1). You are all invited to join us online, in online venues that we will post after February 1, to support the fans, geeks, gamer and all the others in Croatia.

Logo depicting the Sisak Fortress, and the strike/slip fault that caused the earthquake

You can also ConTribute directly, via buying a TTRPG bundle , or by joining us as a speaker.

As this is organized in a bit of a rush, we are still working on making everything work, so for now, if you have any questions, please, ask me directly at ivan@scifi.radio. We will soon unveil a Facebook event and official pages of the con, but it’s all still being worked on. If you have any advice, questions, or just kind words, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all in advance, and we’ll keep you posted!


If you want to contribute directly, go to www.solidarna.hr and make your donation.

Ivan Majstorovic
Ivan Majstorovic

A Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan, gamer (computer, tabletop, pen and paper) and dad from Zagreb, Croatia.
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