Today’s Video of the Day brings the magic of the season and the magic of Dungeons and Dragons together in song. Ginny Di brings forth the magic – and the spells – in this incredibly geeky rendition of “Carol of the Bells”, singing in eight part harmony with herself.

The lyrics, in this case, are simply a recitation of the name of every spell she could possibly jam into one song. The spell names are all from D&D 5e, and by her own admission, she didn’t even use half of the spell names available.

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Instrumental composed & created by J Blake Smith Mixed & mastered by J Blake Smith Written & performed by Ginny Di
Video edited by Ginny Di



Hex, Counterspell
 Antilife shell
 Aid, Color Spray
 Slow, Scorching Ray

 (Divine Favor! Dispel Magic!)

 Bless, Flaming Sphere
 Banishment, Fear
 Tongues, Cone of Cold
 Maze, Guiding Bolt

 Dominate Beast
 Jump, Hero’s Feast
 Water Breathing
 Prayer of Healing

 Blur, Arcane Gate
 Meld into Stone
 Feather Fall, Clone

 Word of Recall
 Knock, Fireball
 Banishing Smite
 Teleport, Light

 Heal, Glyph of Warding
 Water Walk, Seeming
 Shatter, Enthrall
 Prismatic Wall

 Mending, Message, Moonbeam, Mirror Image
 Mage Hand, Mind Blank, Mislead, Magic Missile

 (Dream, Demiplane, Destructive Wave)

 (Dimension Door)

 (Death Ward, True Strike
 Thunderous Smite
 Friends, Gaseous Form
 Gate, Fire Storm)

 (Darkness, Dancing Lights)

 Vampiric Touch
 True Polymorph
 Blink, Sacred Flame
 Call Lightning, Bane

 Prismatic Spray
 Web, Conjure Fey
 Fly, Shocking Grasp
 Sleep, Eldritch Blast

 (Divination! Detect Magic!)

 Cloudkill, Sunbeam
 Wind Walk, Find Steed
 Storm of Vengeance
 Ray of Sickness

 Planar Ally
 Shield, Phantom Steed

 Pass Without Trace
 Ensnaring Strike
 Weird, Wall of Ice

Chromatic Orb
 Mass Healing Word
 Witch Bolt, Tree Stride
 Haste, Grasping Vine

 Raise Dead, True Seeing
 Guardian of Faith
 Silence, Stone Shape

 Faerie Fire, Fog Cloud, Find Traps, Foresight
 Flame Blade, False Life, Force Cage, Find Familiar

 (Prayer of Healing, Planar Binding)

 (Plane Shift, Plant Growth)

 (Gentle Repose
 Beacon of Hope
 Conjure Volley

 (Blade Ward, Burning Hands)

 Aura of Life
 Staggering Smite
 Animate Dead
 Giant Insect

 Grease, Spider Climb
 Wish, Bigby’s Hand
 Sending, Command

 Animal Shapes
 Phantasmal Force
 Meteor Swarm


 (Blight, Blinding Smite)

Yes, you’ll hear this song, and others by Ginny Di, on during the Holiday Season. We hope you have as much fun listening to this one as we did.


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