Chewbacca singing ‘Silent Night’ is the Christmas carol you’ve been looking for.

And now for a bit of Christmas Fun. We at do not have the dogs barking to Jingle Bells, at least it’s not in the Gary DaBaum music library, and you know I’ve got some weird tunes in my files. What we do have is a caroling Wookie. Courtesy of the folks at How It Should Have Ended, here’s Silent Night performed by Chewbacca, which is sure to become an instant classic. Chewbacca may not sing as well as Bing Crosby or Andy Williams, but he does a very nice rendition on this holiday classic.

All in all, this video is very well done. No idea how many hours someone had HISHE sat watching the films in order to create this video. Then again, no idea what got them to thinking on creating this video. It’s also much better than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Regardless on the origins, it’s a video that you will enjoy. Check it out below, just remember to turn off the player before you listen, and be sure to turn the player back on once you’re done viewing the video, so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite geek radio station.

Wookie Christmas Carols. What won’t they think of next? Probably Jabba the Hut singing Blue Christmas. That’s not an actual thing, by the way. At least, not yet.

And of course, with this week being Christmas Week, as well as the start of Hanukkah. would like to wish you the happiest of Holidays, and a very prosperous and joyful New Year. And make it as Geeky as you can. Also, thank you for being a listener. Having all of you as our fans is the best gift we could ever ask for.

Also, regarding NOT having the dogs barking “Jingle Bells”……you’re welcome.


Gary DaBaum
Gary DaBaum

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