It’s synth pop, but it isn’t. It’s electronica, but it isn’t. Thematically, it’s fantasy, inspired by The Lord of the Rings, but Josefin Berger brings all of these things together to create something wonderful, but that defies classification. The blend of musical genres, a tongue-in-cheek treatment of high fantasy, and the Berger’s clear, liquid-smooth yet crystal-sharp voice come together to create something that even the most battle-hardened orc would have fun dancing to.

It’s a fun video (be warned, there’s a rather irritated elf who flips Josefin the double eagle, so maybe don’t play this in front of your kids).

Pause the stream using the controller at the upper right before playing this. If you’re on your cell phone, the control is unfortunately all the way at the bottom of the page. We’re working on this.

Josefin Berger is also an artist, and writer, and wildly creative. She’s one of those rare people who somehow stumbled into a fairy ring and lived to tell the tale.

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Synth Pop / Electronic Dance Music for all Elves & Orcs Out There!

I wrote the song inspired by working with LARP fantasy events, The Lord of the Rings and the high soprano melodies of Kate Bush. In elf language it’s offensive to say the phrase “go kiss an orc” and it means ”be gone, go kiss an orc”.

Go Kiss an Orc is a kind of a ”music serial” and will be released in different versions. This I see as the main version (there is another version released already, Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue). Hope you enjoy it!


Lyrics, music & song: Josefin Berger
Synth arrangement/produced by Per Persson (Encke Division) & Josefin Berger


Actors: Louise Thörner, Mattias Manne, Nils Klintenberg & Josefin Berger
Video produced & cut by Josefin Berger


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Gene Turnbow

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