Iain Shaw, frequent contributor to SCIFI.radio and host of the Doctor Who internet talk show The Doctor Squee Show,  interviewed Louise Jameson on the 4th of July this past weekend. Jameson played Leela, companion to the Fourth Doctor, and in her 50th year in the industry, still gloriously beautiful with those fierce cheekbones, kind eyes and platinum locks.

She is promoting her current project, a short subject called STUART AND DUMPLINGS, set as a Zoom call between a young man with Down’s Syndrome, his social worker, and his grandmother teaching him to cook. Sam Bernard is a working actor with Down’s. Gita Chandra was a regular as Gita in The Sarah Jane Adventures, and is a familiar face in British television, currently in Terms & Conditions.

STUART AND DUMPLINGS was made to raise funds and awareness for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

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Set during the current Covid-19 crisis, and filmed under lockdown using Zoom video conferencing software, the film tells the story of Stuart, a young Doctor Who fan with Down’s Syndrome who’s receiving an online cooking lesson from his grandmother, with his social worker/care manager, Khadija, also in on the call. Written as a direct response to the current crisis, the film is designed to be shot using only laptop webcams, with all cast and crew continuing to isolate throughout.

Written by Ian Winterton, with input from actor Sam Barnard, who plays Stuart, the film is being made to raise awareness and funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

A spokesperson for the charity said:

“After reading the charming script we are really looking forward to watching this short film. We think many people will relate to it as the story reflects what many families have experienced in recent months. We are very grateful to the Stuart and Dumplings team for deciding to make the film freely available but asking their audience to donate to the DSA – thank you.”

The film also stars Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, EastEnders) as Grandma, and Mina Anwar (The Thin Blue Line, The Sarah Jane Adventures) as Khadija. It is directed by Gemma North, produced by Lauren Sturgess and James Steventon of Bamalam Productions and, for Room 5064, Ian Winterton. Executive Producer is Gareth Kavanagh, Creative Director of Room 5064 Productions.

Music is by Beccy Owen – the single is ‘Proud And Smiling’ from the album ‘The Singer Kicks’.


Down’s Syndrome Association: https://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/
Room 5064 Productions: http://room5064.co.uk/productions/
Bamalam Productions CIC: https://www.bamalamproductions.co.uk/
Louise Jameson: https://louisejameson.com/
Mina Anwar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HildaBaker
Sam Barnard on Twitter: https://twitter.com/samalanbarnard
Ian Winterton: https://ianwinterton.co.uk/
Gemma North – actor and director – on Twitter: http://twitter.com/gemmapnorth
Beccy Owen – Music: https://beccyowen.bandcamp.com/


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