Last summer, President Donald J. Trump made the quixotic announcement of his intention to create a sixth branch of the military, a Space Force. Not being ones to let a challenge go unanswered, Netflix has created a brand new space comedy called – what else – Space Force.

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Sane and sensible people would wait until Space Force actually did something before fictionalizing its adventures. However, science fiction fans are seldom sane or sensible. Therefore, Netflix has put together an entire first season of a new TV show based on Space Force premiering May 29, 2020. As the video above shows: the Peter Principle continues to play a major role in government administration, with Steve Carrell (the voice of Gru in Despicable Me) playing General Mark R. Naird, the new head of the new branch of the military. Carrell is also one of the show’s creators and producers.

John Malkovich (Quentin Turnball in Jonah Hex, Bruce Brazos in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Blackbeard in Crossbones) will play Dr. Adrian Mallory in Space Force. Noah Emmerich (Marlon in The Truman Show, Edward Jenner in The Walking Dead) will be co-starring as Kick Grabaston.

The Netflix show has already filmed ten episodes. If it does well, more may be ordered. Be warned, the dialogue is filled with profanity.

Less than a week before Space Force debuts on Netflix, Midland Scribes’book, Space Force: Building a Legacy is an anthology of military science fiction set during the first century of the Space Force’s existence. It will be published on May 25, and offers a more serious look at this new branch of the United States armed forces.

Please turn down the volume on your stream while watching the videos, so you can hear them properly.

Later, probably in the summer or fall of 2020, B Cubed Press will publish their anthology, Tales from the Space Force.

Disclaimer: In addition to being a staff writer for, I am a Darrell Award science fiction & fantasy award nominee and I will have stories in both anthologies.


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