Red Solo Cup, sung by country artist Tobey Keith, is a song about the Solo Cup Company‘s red style of plastic cups, and their common usage at parties, among other occasions. This is not that song.

Pause the music stream while you watch this.

Jeremy Angletti, Richard Knowlton and their friends created this Star Wars filk of the famous country music song in 2012, and it features an amazing collection of Star Wars toys, props and memorabilia. It appears to be shot in the basement of one of their homes, and it’s absolutely filled with the stuff. There’s everything from RC controled R2D2’s to stormtrooper action fictures, lightsabers to an original Star Wars video game.

The original song was no more serious than this fannish remake of it, so it’s just our style.

Those appearing in the video are Dave Pav, Mark Cramer, Richard Knowlton, Aurora Knowlton (that would be the little girl, who is likely much more grown up by now), Jeremy Angeletti and Ben List.

Will you be able to hear Han Solo Cup on

Yes. Yes, you will.


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