Christian Kane as Dr.  Jacob Stone in THE LIBRARIANS
Christian Kane played art historian Jake Stone in The Librarians {image via Electric Entertainment}.

Actor/singer Christian Kane was born June 27, 1972 in Dallas, Texas, which makes Saturday, June 27, 2020 his 48th birthday. The streaming service Electric Now has declared today Kaniac Day and is running a marathon of Leverage and Librarians episodes that focus on his characters Eliot Spencer and Jacob Stone.

“Kaniac” is the nickname for some of Christian Kane’s more rabid fans.

Although Mr. Kane first came to the attention of many fans as attorney Lindsey McDonald in Joss Whedon’s Angel, he began his acting career in Fame L.A. as Ryan Leggett. Like his Librarians character, Jacob Stone, Mr. Kane studied art history at the University of Oklahoma, Unlike Jake Stone, he dropped out of college to try his hand at acting.

Mr. Kane was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2018 for Best Supporting Actor on Television for Jacob Stone on The Librarians.

A singer/songwriter in addition to being an actor, he is lead singer and namesake of the Southern Rock band Kane, which has released three albums.

In addition to playing Wolfram & Hart lawyer Lindsey McDonald in Angel, Mr. Kane appeared in the horror movie The Terror of Hallow’s Eve and the fantasy film Heaven Sent. He will be voicing Gentleman Starkey in the animated feature, Peter Pan, Land of Forever, currently in pre-production.

Christian Kane’s most recent success was starring in WGN’s Almost Paradise, He is filming Only a Dream, an animated feature where he voices the Scarecrow, His next live action project will be Subject Unknown, in which he will star as Detective Chase Stevens.

Happy Birthday, Christian Kane – we’re glad you’re in the world!


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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