Former Babylon 5 Actress Claudia Christian Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Upcoming Documentary—Trying to Challenge Public Perception of Alcohol Treatment Culture

Actress Claudia Christian has launched a fundraising campaign for her upcoming documentary One Little Pill—a film that seeks to uncover why The Sinclair Method (TSM), a scientifically proven, FDA-approved pharmaceutical treatment to reverse alcohol addiction, is not being made readily available to those who need it most.

“The goal of this film is to get people thinking about change and options for addicts worldwide. We have the technology to save lives, we just are not utilizing it. We intend to fix that.”

TSM uses Naltrexone or Nalmefene, drugs proven to have a 78% success rate in curing alcohol dependence. Demonstrating only the mildest of side-effects, Naltrexone has been FDA-approved for decades. Recently, Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has approved Nalmefene for use as part of the NHS National Services Scotland.

Bold and brutally candid, One Little Pill will not only reveal to the world this startling pharmaceutical discovery, but assault the walls of skepticism and denial that perpetuate alcohol dependence.

One Little Pill is the first project from Christian’s C3 Foundation. The film, which is already in production, is seeking to raise money to cover the costs of post-production via its IndieGogo campaign.

“We feel that the energy of Indiegogo is a great fit for our film and we hope to raise the remainder of our budget using this terrific site and some fun incentives!”

The C3 Foundation was created to help save the lives of alcoholics worldwide. We aim to educate doctors, alcoholics and family and friends of alcohol dependent people about the  most successful long term treatment for alcoholism; The Sinclair Method.

Christian asserts that the medication Naltrezone saved her life.  It could save the lives of countless others, but the word needs to get out, and her hopes are that her story and her film will help others who are suffering from alcohol addition like she once did.

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