Gwen (Eve Myles) is undercover in an old refinery town that time and business forgot, apart from a fracking company that provided few jobs but left many ill. But the origins of the illness seem even worse than the usual from fracking gone wrong. When it appears there is more going on, can Gwen save the day?

She might need a drink or two first.

As soon as you see a Gwen / Myles led story, you know you are in for a treat (which to be fair you usually are with audio Torchwood) and this story is no exception. The script from James Goss strikes a really good balance of looking at real world issues like these almost abandoned towns and how businesses use them and puts them against an other worldly background. To then add a drink Gwen, added the awesome comedy moments Torchwood brings out of the dark. It also does that wonderful thing of playfully laughing at rural Wales but from a place of love.

The guest cast is strong and young up and coming actor Omar Austin as Martyn shines as de facto companion to Gwen trying to save the day and keep her on track. Direction from Scott Handcock drives the action wonderfully as always.

In conclusion this story tackles some compelling issues, whilst having a lot of fun on the way. Classic Torchwood.

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