There’s always a message that we all need to hear. Today it’s this one.

Please pause the stream using the controller at the upper right before watching (one soundtrack at a time is plenty).

We have all had times when we have been teased and ridiculed, even insulted – whether it is the way that we dress, how we walk, talk, things that we love, our beliefs, our political preferences, our hobbies, because we don’t fit in the norm that they think is the norm. Even to this day, my awkwardness has been ridiculed by others. But, a long time ago, I embraced my weirdness, my awkwardness, and proudly let the world know, “this is who I am.”

Even our favorite celebrities have been the targets of bullies. But while the majority of our bullies will ridicule us to our face, theirs are online comments, and their faces are pretty much hidden from the world. In a few cases, it has, sadly, driven some celebrities from social media. A great many, though, have ignored the negative comments and continue, a lot of times, against all odds, to do what they do – because they love what they do, and the majority of us love what they do.

Lindsey Stirling recently joined the group Switchfoot for a new recording of their song Voices. is no stranger to the music of Lindsey Stirling. Indeed, we feel that her style, and her music and her sense of fantasy fits in well within our geek world.

Neither Stirling nor Switchfoot are strangers to negative comments. In the video, actual comments, none of which are nice, taken from their YouTube channels are projected behind them, as well as comments that many of us have heard over time. Things like “No one likes you”, “Stupid”, “Disappointing”, etc, and some have believed those words, thinking “I’m not important” or “I don’t matter”. By the end of the video, the true message is clear.

And that message?

You can do this.”

You matter.”

You are loved.”

Our message to you is this: never let anyone make you feel insignificant. Never let them discourage you from following your dreams. We believe in you.

Hold your head high.

Also, keep in mind that, one day, those nay-sayers, those who teased you, those who bullied you, may be coming to your house to knock on the front door of your home. Please be polite when you remind them that the servants entrance is in the rear. It’s not healthy to hold a grudge.


Gary DaBaum
Gary DaBaum

Gary DaBaum, DJ, writer, and all around nice guy, can be heard on When not on the air, he can be found in the virtual world of Second Life, or spoiling his grand nephew.