The BBC hasn’t come out and said it directly, but it looks like two additional seasons of Doctor Who have been confirmed. The existence of Doctor Who Seasons 13 and 14 were unveiled in a recent presentation made for the press about HBO Max, the upcoming streaming service.

HBO Max will be carrying 11 series of the popular sci-fi series. This will include all the seasons since Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor ushered in a revival of the show in 2005, and all these episodes will be available at service launch. However, the streamer will also carry Series 12, due to screen on BBC1 and BBC America starting in early 2020, plus Series 13 and 14, which shows that the BBC has made a commitment to produce these series. . i.e. all seasons since Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor revived the show in 2005, all of which will be available at launch. However, the platform will also boast Series 12, due to screen on BBC1 and BBC America from early 2020, plus Series 13 and 14.

This means we’re guaranteed Doctor Who through at least 2022, though the relatively sparse production schedule for the show over the past four years suggests that this may stretch things out as far as 2024 or so.

Obviously, there’s now way to know which production crews will be working on any series past 12, but Series 12 will be led by Chris Chibnall and features Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. Why the BBC hasn’t gotten in front of this with their own press releases, we have no idea.

HBO Max launches in May, 2020. Subscription fees will start at $14.99 a month, which is a bit steep compared to other services. No exact start date for the service has been released yet.


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