Fan films are abundant these days. Films written and created by fans of many genres can be found all over the internet. Often done with little to no budget but with the true passion of a fan, these films can sometimes equal or surpass the stories and films from which they take their inspiration.

And so it is with the fan short film Superman: End of an Era. The film is written and directed by Chris R. Notarile. The film brings to life the struggles that Superman faces in his quest to keep his home and family safe, struggles to which many of us can relate. While a classic good versus evil tale is told, the deeper meaning of love and friendship is explored.

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The story brings together, once again, the villainy of Lex Luthor and the ultimate goodness of Superman. Secrets are discovered and used for personal gain. Through Luthor’s plotting, Superman is reminded that he can be wounded by more than just kryptonite – but the unexpected intervention of a friend combats these dark dealings.

Notarile, a veteran film director, writer and actor, is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. The New Jersey native has over 300 film credits and a true love of both comic books and horror films. His passion for his work shines bright with each and every frame of this film and in each line of dialog. Superman: End of an Era is a glimpse into a day in the life of a hero, a glimpse that would be overlooked in a giant Hollywood blockbuster. And therein lies the beauty of the film: a simple glimpse into a single day in one mans life.

The casting of such iconic roles could’ve proved tricky, but this film manages it very well. Ken Wood does an excellent job as Superman/Clark Kent. For an instant you may feel as though they’ve somehow brought back Christopher Reeves. Lex Luthor is played by Paul Zawadsky with a certain evil zeal and Matt Paynton’s Batman harkens back to the days of Michael Keaton. The use of limited filming locations is impeccably done.

Fans of Superman will truly enjoy Superman: End of an Era, which can be found (along with Notarile’s and his Blinky Production Inc.’s other films) on YouTube.


Sidney Fraser
Sidney Fraser

Sidney Fraser is an American transplanted to a new life in London, where she explores fannish and geeky places, events and creations, which she relates in the continuing True and Proper Adventures of Sidney Fraser.