As the release date approaches for Steven Universe: The Movie, we have had very little footage, with the initial trailer giving us the bare minimum. Promos featuring Rebecca Sugar and the animators have been airing on Cartoon Network since San Diego Comic-Con, which have dropped some hints caught by eagle-eyed fans, but we have had no new movie footage since the premiere of the first trailer.

Until now.

To everyone’s complete surprise, Toonami on Adult Swim released a trailer on August 24th featuring new footage and new clues about our villain.

Pause the player at the upper right before viewing.'s TRAILER PARK

First it seems that Gems are making a life on earth, and we get a sneak peak at New Homeworld. Everything seems great and it appears Steven is finally getting his Happily Ever After.

Until our villain arrives.

Probably our biggest shock here is the bombshell that at least Pearl seems to know our villain. We also get to hear a snippet of one of the new songs, Who We Are. We already knew this would be a musical, but the villain’s comment of “You can’t make everything better by singing some stupid song!” really emphasizes the influence music is going to have in this movie. 

Connie and Lion take on our villain

We also have the track list as of August 21st. The song list features 38 tracks in total, 17 vocal and 21 instrumental. We have already been blessed with the release of True Kinda Love, and we can’t wait to hear the rest. Cartoon Network is also having the Steven Universe Celebration  where they will be airing every episode of Steven Universe until the movie premieres, starting August 31st.

Steven, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot singing Who We Are

Steven Universe: The Movie premieres September 2nd on Cartoon Network at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time


Sam Strange
Sam Strange