The science fiction series Krypton, based on the events before the destruction of Superman’s homeworld, is now officially as toasted as the planet itself.

Syfy has chosen to cancel the David Goyer-produced dramatic series after only two seasons. They got the word just days after the season finale of season 2 which aired last Wednesday.

The drama just never got legs, and never found its audience. Wednesday’s finale attracted only 350,000 same-day viewers, with season two averaging a total of only 408,000 per episode. To put this in perspective, that’s down from the 1.8 million viewers per episode average from season one. With an audience drop that big, it’s not hard to see why the show ended up on the chopping block.

Syfy had renewed the series for a second season in May of 2018 after it ranked as the most popular debut series in four years. The first season can still be seen on the DC Universe streaming platform, with the second season coming next year.

As a knock-on effect, the Krypton spinoff Lobo, originally being considered at SyFy, has also been shelved. The producers at Warner Horizon will be trying to shop the project to other outlets, but considering how quickly the air escaped from the Krypton TV series’ balloon, it’s unlikely that they will find a buyer.

The show also suffered a misstep or two prior to its initial launch, with a leaked trailer that had to be clawed back and then rereleased. There’s no telling exactly how much trouble this caused as they were trying to build audience anticipation for the show.

Krypton is the latest series to get pulled from the SyFy roster, which also recently canceled Deadly Class after only one season, and Happy after two.


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