Imagine Dragons presents Birds, demonstrating once again that they truly understand how to touch the hearts of human beings, both with music and their boundless imagination.

In Birds, a young girl must come to grips with being truly, truly different. Fair warning: you may want to have a tissue handy. It’s beautiful, and sad, but there’s a message: be yourself, fly high on the wings love gives you.

Pause the music stream while you watch this charming video.

Birds is from the new 2018 album Deluxe Edition of Origins, the band’s fourth, an extended version of the hit album that adds Birds, Burn Out and Real Life to the original release. The international Deluxe Version also adds a fourth new track — Born To Be Your’s featuring Kygo.

In Imagine Dragons’ Birds animated music video, we see the story of a young girl (most of the rest of the press seem to think it’s a boy, we think it’s a girl) who goes out with her mother one day, and suddenly learns she is from a family of people that can grow feathers and wings, and fly. After she and her mother have spent time together flying, her mother gives her a pendant of bird. She compares the bird to other girls playing with fashion dolls, and that’s when it starts to sink in as to how different she really is.

Acceptance of one’s peers is key for any child, however, and the girl at first resents being different. It does all come out okay.

The work of Imagine Dragons continues to delight, and offers a touchstone between pop and geek culture and the rest of the world, so of course we’ve added this song to the on-air library. Enjoy.


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