Kai Owen stears the ship in the latest Torchwood audio drama

Rhys Williams (Kai Owen) finds himself running from living plastic on a container ship. He must fight the most improbable of foes, joined by a student named Kaitlin (Sydney Feder) who was just after a cheap crossing home to the states. Can he not escape this sort of thing anywhere these days?

Big Finishes latest range pitting Torchwood against classic Who monsters in audio form has been a great concept from the start and this story brings out the best in both. Just the idea of having the Autons in audio (a fun sentence to say) is brilliantly audacious, but Christopher Cooper penning this one has certainly risen to the challenge. Kai Owen more than proves once again that his is up to the challenge of leading a story, and Sydney Feeder makes a great companion to him. It’s a classic chase story in an enclosed setting that is apt for a Torchwood tale. Also, it maybe me, but I never would have put together, as this story does, the ecological threat this planet faces with how the Nestene consciousness would use our disguirded plastic against us. Great stuff, as is direction from Scott Handcock keeping things moving at a clip.

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Doctor Squee