If you haven’t seen a Hillywood Show parody video on YouTube, your life has been sorely lacking.  The Hillywood Show is the brainchild of Hannah and Hillary “Hilly” Hindi, a powerful sister duo, who turned creating pop culture parodies into a career. 

This is their second Supernatural parody, originally released on August 16, 2018 (the first one was based on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, in 2015). This time the Winchesters are back in action as Ghostbusters from the iconic 1984 film of the same name.

Nearly everyone who’s ever been on Supernatural in a role other than a walk on, shows up to make an appearance in this fantastic homage to fandom’s favorite ghost hunting, demon fighting brothers. Jim Beaver, the beloved Bobby Singer, Kim Rhodes who plays Jodi, and Brianna Buckmaster who plays Donna, all show their SPN Family love with appearances in the video. Even members from crew show up, like Clif Kosterman, one of the bodyguards for Padalecki and Ackles.

Hilly Hindi reprises her role as Dean Winchester and Osric Chau, who plays Kevin Tran, a Prophet of the Lord on the actual show, stars with Hilly as Dean’s brother Sam. Together they recreate scenes from the 1984 film, including the infamous “He slimed me” scene, where Peter Venkman (played by Bill Murray in the movie) is slimed by Slimer the Ghost and ends up covered in ectoplasmic goo.

Noticeably absent is Mark Sheppard, a fan favorite, who plays Crowley, the King of Hell, and the character who coined the nicknames “Moose” and “Squirrel” for Sam and Dean respectively. Moose for Jared Padalecki’s towering 6’4″ well-built frame, and Squirrel for Ackles because you can’t have a Moose without a Squirrel. Younger fans might not know that it’s a reference to a cartoon that originally aired in 1959 — Rocky and Bullwinkle. But that’s where the nicknames come from.

The Hillywood Show parodies have become so popular they have behind the scenes footage, a GAG reel, and even personal diaries of the stars who appear in their videos.  Not many fan-created videos can claim to have the notoriety of the Hillywood Show, let alone the participation of the actors, creators, and crew of the shows they’re parodying. 

Supernatural has an amazing cast and crew and they treat their fans like family, coining the hashtag #SPNFamily.  Supernatural conventions sell out all over the world, and the actors are beloved by their fans.  Jared Padalecki, who launched the Always Keep Fighting campaign in March of 2015 to combat depression, anxiety, and suicide, really takes the time to connect with his fans, several of whom suffer from the same mental illnesses he does.  But that definitely does not stop him, or his costar Jensen Ackles, from participating in the epic silliness of the Hillywood parodies. With the milestone of its 300th episode coming up on February 7, 2019, what better way to celebrate than by watching this epic video from The Hillywood Show.


Jackie Zwirn
Jackie Zwirn

Jackie Zwirn is the recent author of the critically acclaimed “Onion” Best Seller Show Me Where Spock Touched You and other heartwarming tales of Trekkery as well as the author of some of the most popular How-To manuals: Crab Walking Downstairs While Possessed and The Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, & Thief 101 Manual. She also authored the biography of Dean Winchester, When I Was a Demon: Rock Salt, Shot Guns and a Lotta Liquor.

She currently lives in Beaverton, Oregon with her husband, and two cats Mozart and Falcor.

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