Today’s trailer is that rarity, a science fiction mystery thriller. It’s High Life, a film about a future where human life has become a commodity, and some must submit themselves to be lab experiments as their only option for life.

High Life is the new, sexy, terrifying sci-fi thriller from legendary French director Claire Denis. It stars Robert Pattinson, a rapper named André 3000 and the ethereally beautiful Juliette Binoche. This bends the genre hard to one side, and it’s equal parts brilliant and weird.

Pattinson plays one in a group of prisoners trapped on a spaceship headed towards the outer reaches of the solar system. André 3000 appears to be his cellmate, but we can’t actually tell for sure, because this two minute trailer does chop up plot points and is probably rearranging events of the film more than a little. Pattinson’s voice-over describes his situation as being “recycled”, the subject of scientific or medical experimentation. Binoche, plays a mad scientist1 intent on some sort of genetic experimentation with a life subject (which would be the adorable baby girl).

Things start skidding sideways from there and pretty much stay that way. High Life straddles the lines between suspense, mystery, science fiction and horror, and is set for release in the U.S. on April 12, 2019.


1Most mad scientists in movies are actually not following proper scientific method. This makes them more mad engineers than scientists.

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