We like showing you animated short subjects because in animation, you can do anything. As a result, these little films frequently delve into science fiction and fantasy concepts. Sometimes they show us up and coming rock stars of animation. One Small Step, by TAIKO Studios, is one such film.  It’s racked up an impressive pile of awards from film festivals all over the world.

In this film, a little girl named Luna is entranced with the idea of someday becoming an astronaut. Her father is a lowly shoemaker. She puts everything she has into being the astronaut she dreams of being, and he gives her his heart and soul to help her on her way.

No father’s love could be greater, and with that love, dreams come true. 

Pause the SCIFI.radio stream and watch this one. It’s got an award winning musical score which just adds to the totality of the dream. Oh, and have a tissue handy.

One Small Step was created by TAIKO Studios. It was directed by Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas, and produced by Shaofu Zhang. The music was by Steve Horner.

TAIKO Studios was founded in 2017 by CEO Shaofu Zhang in both Los Angeles and Wuhan, China. As a truly international company, the studio endeavors to bridge eastern and western cultures together to create memorable stories with universal appeal.

The film is based on an original concept by Bobby Pontillas and Trent Correy. It’s dedicated to those who support our dreams. 

Remember this: if you are striving for the Moon, those who love you will be behind you boosting you up. That’s how love works.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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