You can’t be a fan of geek music without having at least heard of the great Luke Ski. Though he has a great singing voice when he chooses to use it, most of his music tends towards rap. The pop culture topics he raps about are nearly always done in the first person, and always begin with a deep understanding of the subject material.

Today’s offering is his brand new video, Ice King Baby. You can probably guess which famous rap song it’s based on – the subject is the Ice King from Adventure Time, the wildly popular award winning animated series from Cartoon Network that changed the face of animated entertainment over its six year run from 2010 to 2016.

The depth of knowledge required to make a music video like this is almost beyond belief, but the Great One pulls it off and makes it magic.

Doing a video like this is always a challenge, but Luke Ski (who works for Cartoon Network during the day as a storyboard artist) has managed to nail every tiny aspect of this, from the music itself to the stunningly accurate lip synch on all the animated characters, the Ice King in particular.

Ski is active in the Funny Music Project (FuMP) and has been creating great geek music since 1996. He hosts the weekly show Dimentia Revolution on Dementia Radio, and has released 12 albums to date. And of course, you can hear his music on a regular basis here on, including Ice King Baby, his newest release.


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