Alisa Stern’s Doctor Puppet  stop-motion animated web series is one of the coolest things to come out of Doctor Who fandom ever.  They take months and months of work to produce, so we rarely see more than one a year. This episode, The Twelfth Planet, was worth the wait.

In it, the 12th Doctor requires the help of all his former selves to save him from being sucked into a rift in the fabric of space-time. 

If you’re watching this on a desktop web browser, you’ll want to pause the music stream while you do so. The control is at the top of the page. And, do watch all the way to the end. There’s a little easter egg to see.

Doctor Puppet is one of those miracle projects, where a remarkable collection of uniquely multi-talented individuals comes together to create something profound.  Alisa Stern created the idea, wrote or co-wrote all the scripts, and did stop-motion animation on every episode. 

Scott Ampleford is the voice of the announcer, but he’s also the composer of the original sound track – and that’s not all done on a synthesizer, they actually assembled an orchestra to play the score, and that makes an amazing difference. Many crewmembers performed more than one critical task, with writers, artists and animators crossing over and filling other roles to make all of it happen.

The series was begun in 2013, and alas, this one is the last episode we shall ever see. Producer / Director Alisa Stern is moving on to other projects.

To see the entire series, visit the Doctor Puppet YouTube channel. There you will find not only all the episodes, but a lot of backgrounder information on how they were made.

Ms. Stern, thank you for an amazing five years of Doctor Puppet. 


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