Marvel Studio’s Black Panther is one of the highest grossing films of all time. It grossed $700 million in the U.S., becoming only the third film ever to do so, and made $1.3 billion worldwide. If Disney wasn’t going to be making an animated series to put on Disney XD, they’d have been missing a bet.

The new series is actually the fifth season of Disney’s animated Marvel’s Avengers title, and it swings the camera in Black Panther’s direction.  

In the new season, the Avengers arrive in Wakanda to help Black Panther against the machinations of the mysterious Shadow Council. James Mathis III plays T’Challa / Black Panther. The villain lineup includes Killmonger (Keston John), M’Baku, Klau (Trevor Paul), Zemo, Madame Masque (Wynn Everett), and Tiger Shark (Matt Mercer). Everett voices Masque, having first portrayed the character in live-action on the second season of Agent Carter.

With Black Panther comes a host of new characters; Daisy Lightfoot is Shuri, and Scott Porter is Bucky Barnes / White Wolf (which is a development not touched upon in the live action films as of yet, so this may be Marvel Studio’s hand for the sequeal to Infinity War).

The cast also includes both Stan Lee and Mark Hamill. We have no idea who either of them will be playing yet, but when Lee appears in animated series he’s usually playing some version of himself.

Geoffrey Thorne, who has previously appeared on’s The Event Horizon as a guest, is producing.

Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’sQuest debuts on Disney XD on September 23.

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