With this week’s release of the superhero extravaganza Justice Leaguethis week’s Fan Film Friday on SCIFI.radio will explore fan productions inspired by the DC Comics team.


From the early days of fan films, this is a mock trailer for a Batman and Superman team-up movie. Impressive even by today’s standards, the production quality is top notch. The actors playing both lead characters look straight from the comics, and overall it looks and sounds like it could’ve been an actual Hollywood production.


Definitely from the early days of fan films, this is still a hilarious take on the Scarlet Speedster facing his worst adversary to date…an overzealous police officer who wants to write him a speeding ticket! Overall, it’s a comedic deconstruction of superhero tropes in light of the real world and its legal consequences.


While this is very short, this Wonder Woman fan film took the Internet by storm with it’s Hollywood grade production quality. In fact, as of the writing of this article, it stands at nearly 6 million views. Deservedly so, as before this point, there was not anything with a live-action Princess of Themyscira on this scale. There are some that claim that the massive response to this short finally got the ball rolling to produce a Wonder Woman feature film.


These comic aficionados showed their passion for DC Comics by producing an hour-long fan film based on the Justice League. The fight scenes are pretty decent, and the original score written for this is compelling and memorable. While the special effects might not be the best, there at least is some effort there and can be forgiven for the low budget. According to the description, this fan film has won a few awards at comic conventions and film festivals.

With the new Justice League movie now out in theaters, you have some fan film fun to whet your appetite for the main event.


Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin is a filmmaker and writer who hails from Boise, Idaho. When he isn’t busy acting, or writing a screenplay for his own production company, Nick can be found consuming any geek media he can get his hands on. To start a conversation, ask him about the latest cosplay he is working on.