Gene Turnbow founder and station manager, Gene Turnbow

Gene Turnbow, Founder and Station Manager of will be a guest panelist for two events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con which runs from July 19th through the 23rd. The panels are entitled Heroes of the Mic and Full Time Creativity on a Part Time Schedule. While seemingly diverse in topic, Gene says that he “hopes both will show others that they can still take a dream and make it happen.” He continues, “People want more than platitudes, they want answers to the nuts-and-bolts question of ‘here’s where I am, what do I do next?’ questions. I will do my best to answer them and to help people along wherever I can.”

I don’t fit the mold for podcasting panelists because of what we do isn’t podcasting per se. Instead, we’re creating our own distribution channel out of thin air. I’m hoping to raise some awareness of not only what we do, but what’s possible for the entrepreneur.                                               – Gene Turnbow

Heroes of the Mic

The first panel, Heroes of the Mic takes place at the Neil Morgan Auditorium at the San Diego Central Library. This is an off-site location across the pedestrian bridge from the Convention Center and a few blocks up Park Blvd. The panel’s host is noted game designer and filmmaker Neal Hallford, creator of Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege and Bard’s Tale, among others. He invited Gene to join his panel along with Jennifer Zhang, Miguel Rodriguez and Keith Lane.

The panel starts at 1pm on Thursday the 20th. Topics covered include various aspects of creating, programming and sustaining a podcast or online radio station. It will feature an extensive Q&A session where the audience can ask questions about their specific situation or get advice on how to get started. The Library is located at 330 Park Blvd.

Full Time Creativity on a Part Time Schedule

Gene’s second panel is aimed at those an idea for a creative project or company, but still have other full-time commitments. It covers the nuts-and-bolts practicalities of nurturing one’s dream project and making the most of the limited time one has available to do so. It is hosted by Topher Davila, the art director for Geekdomwear. Other confirmed panelist is Sean Glumace (professional comic book letterer and Adobe education leader), James Frye and Javier Soto. This panel takes place inside the convention center on Sunday at the Convention Center in Room 213, 3:30 pm.

About Gene Turnbow and

Gene is a 30 year veteran of the motion picture industry, starting as a sculptor working on the Battlestar Galactica show on the Universal Studios Tour in 1979. He has since worked in various roles on TV shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Knight Rider, along with movies such as Buckaroo Banzai, Ice Pirates and Serenity.

He co-founded with Susan Fox in 2009 after a fruitless for a scifi radio station to listen to while gaming. They set one up as a hobby. Years later, they realized that they were still the only one in that genre. Seizing the opportunity, they incorporated in 2013. now reaches ~60,000 listeners in 165 countries, with apps on every device and a Facebook player and live chat page.




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