“Now I gotta ask you a question, you think they should make iPhones for babies? Cuz, I do.”

Here’s a video from about three years ago from the unknown heroes at Bad Lip Reading. All of their Bad Lip Reading videos are all classics, whether it’s politics, NFL, Twilight, The Walking Dead, music videos, etc. This particular video takes scenes from HBO’s A Game Of Thrones and turns it into a trailer for a comedy film reminiscent of films like Animal House, Meatballs and Mallrats.

The “Story” according to the trailer is about Eddie (sort of played by Sean Bean), who is given the job of running a theme
park with a medieval setting, Medieval Land Fun-Time World, in a second video that contains extra scenes not used, it’s revealed that Eddie was hired by a Mr. Lannister, who owns the park. As is the case of such comedies that it’s parodying, the staff are pretty much a useless ragtag group of misfits. Bobby B who has the job of being the king is probably drunk throughout the movie, JoJo is annoying (considering that it’s the character of Joffrey, it’s quite fitting), Petey is the film’s villain, Terry is pretty much the one character that the majority of the audience will love, but who doesn’t love Peter Dinklage?

After watching the trailer the first time, my first thought was, “This would actually make a great movie on it’s own.” Still can, either taking scenes from the show and creating a full movie. Better yet, getting some of the original cast together to play these characters. Maybe it’s just me. However, I’m sure that once you’ve watched the trailer, you’d want to see this become an actual film.

As an added note, the song played in the trailer towards the end, is “Modify” by Kniles. I’ve played it quite a few times during my broadcasts, I got the song after watching the video.

Enjoy the trailer.



Gary DaBaum

Gary DaBaum

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