On July 30th 2016 from 1-5pm Dr. Scott Viguie and NYT Best Selling Author Debbie Viguie (Doctor Geek and Claire of the science fiction audio show Doctor Geek's Laboratory of Applied Geekdom) will be coming to Celebration Florida to unveil the new version of our STEM inspired traveling show.

Dr. Scott Vigue, aka “Doctor Geek” of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom

drgeeklab.jpgJoin us this evening at 9 pm Pacific as your hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan L. Fox welcome Dr. Scott Vigue of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom to tonight’s episode of The Event Horizon!

Dr. Vigue (pronounce vee-gay) is a real doctor and published author, and runs Doctor Geek’s Laboratory with his wife Debbie Vigue, a celebrated science fiction and fantasy writer whose work periodically appears on the New York Times Best Seller List. Scott and Debbie play the characters Doctor Geek and Claire, the main protagonist and antagonist in the weekly radio show by the same name here on SCIFI.radio.

Scott and his troupe of geeks now have a traveling show called Dr. Geek’s Science Fair, and they’re going to be appearing in Celebration, Florida on July 30, 2016 to unveil the new version of their STEM inspired traveling show. He’s a fascinating and entertaining speaker, and dedicated to the idea that we can derive science from fiction.

Here are the show times:

  • 9 pm PT / 12 am ET Saturday
  • 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET Sunday
  • 4 am PT / 7 am ET Tuesday and the following Saturday

This is an episode of The Event Horizon you won’t want to miss!



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