Ah, the memories. Tormenting Nelson and the robots on the Satellite of Love from her secret lab in Forrester Castle, punching Brain Guy in the face, coming up with new horrible movies to send up for the hapless prisoners to watch.

[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kDW861t7xA]Oh wait.  That wasn’t me. That was Mary Jo Pehl (pronounced “Peel”), in her role as Pearl Forrester on Mystery Science Theater 3000! As nuts as this sounds, we actually have the Mary Jo Pehl on the Event Horizon this evening at 9 pm Pacific, 10 pm Mountain, 11 pm Central, Midnight Eastern time. She didn’t just appear on the show itself in several roles, by the way. She was also one of the shows head writers from the very beginning, so much of the humor of MST3K came from her.

Your hosts this time are Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow, with guest Gary DaBaum. Thanks to Gary, by the way, for arranging for this awesome opportunity to speak with one of the most recognized names in science fiction media! But that’s not all – she’s with us to talk about her new project, called Renfest.

RenFest is a TV comedy that explores the office politics of putting on a Renaissance festival, and all the quirky personalities involved. This particular festival has the unfortunate experience of hiring Elisabeth Crönk as the new assistant general manager—she is a clueless yet tirelessly optimistic and politically correct academic historian that is oblivious to the festival culture—and AK, her Somali-American assistant. Say goodbye to the storm troopers and fairies.

The series features a bunch of MST3K series regulars, with cameos by more. This is seriously funny stuff.

Go to their Kickstarter campaign and toss in whatever loose few hundred thousand dollars you might have lying around. Or if that’s too much, $10 will help them a lot. This is the series that must be made, and even the Kickstarter staff has made it one of the projects they love. You can tell by the little heart marker they put on it. If we could put a little heart marker on it, we would, but we’re going to have to satisfy ourselves with donating to the project.

You can watch the mini-pilot just by pledging, and there are a bunch of half hour episodes planned. The details are all on the Kickstarter Page.

This episode will air again tomorrow at 4 pm Pacific  / 7 pm Eastern, and on Tuesday and the following Saturday at 4 am Pacific / 7 am Eastern.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-fi for your Wifi.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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