Thomas Gondolfi at Sasquan 2015

Thomas Gondolfi at Sasquan 2015

On this evening’s edition of The Event Horizon, hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan L. Fox are joined by science fiction writer and publisher Thomas Gondolfi, author of Toy Wars and the master and commander of  his own publishing company called TANSTAAFL Press.

We first met Thomas at Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention. What caught our attention was the teddy bear at his table, a battle worn bear equipped with an M16 automatic weapon. It turns out that the bear was actually Teddy 1499, the central character in an offbeat science fiction novel with one of the most unusual setups we’ve ever read. Mr. Gondolfi started his own publishing company to get his own books published, then began picking up other authors, and the whole thing just started to snowball.

Join us at 9 pm PST this evening to hear the episode. It airs again on Sunday at 4 pm PST, and at additional times in the morning throughout the coming week. After that, you’ll be able to find it on iTunes and Stitcher as podcasts.

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Disclaimer: Thomas Gondolfi’s TANSTAAFL Press is also an advertiser on this station, but was scheduled to be on The Event Horizon before becoming a sponsor of the station himself.


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