Georgia Moffettby Aly Runke, contributing writer

On this Christmas Day, we at are taking a moment to wish Georgia Moffett, better known to some as Mrs. David Tennant, a Happy 30th Birthday! Moffett has been acting since she was 15 years old. She appeared on day time TV dramas, making her debut on Peak Practice. She then acted in various shows for British television, including Doctor Who of whom her husband is one of the reigning fan favorites. Moffet played the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, on the program as well as appearing in other Doctor Who specials such as Doctor Who Dreamland and the fan web series production The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. Moffett has also appeared in other favorite shows such as Merlin.

Moffett was born on December 25, 1984 to Peter Moffett and Sandra Dickinson. She attended St. Edward’s School in Oxford. Moffett’s firstborn, Ty, follows in the family work of acting, and attends his grandmother’s drama school. Moffett’s first child with husband Tennant was daughter Olive who, at two years old, had already begun her acting career also in Doctor Who. Tennant and Moffett married on December 30th, 2011, and Tennant formally adopted Ty. The two welcomed their son Wilfred on May 2, 2013.

Tennant and Moffett have always made strides to keep their celebrity lives and personal lives very separate. There are no official pictures of the two together, though paparazzi pictures do exist and the pair refuse to answer questions about their relationship or family in any interviews. Beside her acting work, Moffett is a patron of a charity for Teen Pregnancies, Straight Talking. She has since quit on screen acting to stay at home with her kids though she does plan on trying her hand at screenwriting and is working on a movie script with friends.


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