WalkofFameStarThe Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has just announced the recipients of Walk of Fame stars for 2015. The honorees are entertainment professionals in the fields of motion pictures, television, live theatre, radio, and recording. Nominations for the stars were named at a June meeting, and winners selected by a Chamber of Commerce committee and ratified by their board of directors.

The newest honorees include LotR and Hobbit director, Peter Jackson; posthumous honors for Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman; Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe; Seth MacFarlane, whose works include Family Guy, American Dad, and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey; Chris O’Donnell, who played Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin; and Jim Parsons, best known as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Currently, it costs $30,000 to create and install a star on the Walk of Fame. The sponsor (the person or group who made the nomination) for the recipient is responsible for raising these funds. If you’ve ever been to the Walk of Fame, though, you know that creating and installing the terrazzo-and-brass stars is only a drop in the maintenance bucket. The 54-year-old Walk is actually embedded in 15 blocks of the public sidewalks in an extremely busy area of Hollywood, and the stars are trod, spilled, and littered upon by about 10 million people each year. Not to mention the fact that they’re outdoors in L.A. weather year-round, the ground settles beneath the sidewalk in large part due to the Metro subway train which runs beneath it, and then there’s the small matter of seismic activity.

Though the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and various Los Angeles City agencies, along with Metro Transit, all contribute toward the continual maintenance and restoration of the world-famous installment, there are always more repairs to be made than money to make them. In order to encourage public support, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce gives “Friends of the Walk of Fame” pins with certificate of authenticity to anyone who makes a $25 donation through their website. You may never get a star on the Walk of Fame, but you can still have a part of this beloved landmark, so rich with our entertainment history!

SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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