Creative minds never rest. So it is with the String Player Gamer, Diwa de Leon. He’s one of those gifted musicians who can play pretty nearly anything he can lift, and almost certainly more. He is a musician, composer and arranger for movies, television and games, and lives and works in Manila, Philippines.

He also has a love of games and gaming, and is constantly making new music and covers of the stuff he hears in the games he plays. Today’s offering is one such, a medley of music from the game Undertale, involving the fun but strange skeleton named Papyrus.

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It’s a pop rock guitar and violin medley cover of the songs Dating Start!, Dating Tense! and Dating Fight! from Undertale. This is included in the 4th volume of his Undertale: Strings of Determination album series.

Here are those important links for finding more String Player Gamer music. And why not? We love Diwa’s work and it’s a part of the on-air library. You can have some of it of your own, and there’s a great deal more that we haven’t had the chance to air yet.


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