facebook_-102152902On the Event Horizon this Saturday is Russ Adams, well known to the viewing public for being one of the mad creatives on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.  Tune in this Saturday evening at 9PM Pacific, Sunday at 4PM Pacific, or next Thursday at 4PM Pacific to hear our conversation with this fascinating talented man.

An internationally known Special FX artist and Creature Creator, Russ Adams is an award winning special effect artist and founder of Escape Design FX. Self taught, he has 15 years experience in the FX and filmmaking industry.  In 2014, he was selected from nearly a thousand applicants to compete in Season 1 of the SyFy Channel’s newest skill based reality show, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.


His wide ranging skill set was developed over his years of experience working within the independent film and theater communities. He has been credited with over a dozen indie films in the United States and many more spanning eight countries.

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