[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJi4RyV-H90]Machine Stopped Working is a short sci-fi film created for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge by Bubblegum and Batwings. Filmed and completed in just 48 hours, Machine Stopped Working is set in a futuristic, industrial wasteland where humans have found a robot capable of healing others.

Bubblegum and Batwings are Anthony Melton and Ben Franklin (no, not that Ben Franklin) of Bloody Cuts, a grindhouse style movie production company based in the U.K.  They had last entered the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge in 2011, and that competition had been the inspiration for them to form their production company.

The challenge is to make a sci-fi film, not over five minutes in length, utilizing three assets: a title, a prop and a line of dialogue.  Each team has only 48 hours to go from principal photography to final cut.

It was shot on location at ‘Sibelco’ a Belgian mineral and metal extraction company, who graciously let them run around their sand quarry based in Leziate, Norfolk with a giant robot and an arsenal of stage prop automatic weapons over the weekend.  The robot itself was borrowed from Millenium FX, and a great many of the props came from The Prop Store of London, who provided a small truckload of guns, costumes, and a prop that had originally been used on the set of Prometheus.

This team of filmmakers has captured lightning in a bottle.


– 30 –


  • Tom Sawyer – Watts
  • Kate Braithwaite – Seeva
  • Dominic Kinnaird – Cale
  • Paul Jibson – Kurtz
  • Richard Garaghty – The Robot

Crew List

  • Jonny Franklin – Director Of Photography
  • Joel Morgan – Writer
  • Patrick Jonsson – Composer
  • Rory Harper – 1st AD
  • James Hills- 1st AC
  • Chris Goodman – Art Director
  • Kate Walshe – Producer / SFX Supervisor
  • Charlotte Barrett – Costume
  • Christabel Franklin – Makeup
  • Laura Grey – Makeup Assistant
  • Melissa Franklin – Production Assistant
  • Laurentiu Maria – Lighting
  • Ryan Thompson, DAN Symons – VFX Artists
  • Harvey Walton – Sound Recordist
  • Mark Mountford – DIT
  • Roy Franklin, Paul Barrett – Electricians
  • Sharon Barrett, Caroline Franklin – Hospitality
  • Catherine Harvey, Lucy Lee – Runners
  • Emilia Barrett – BTS Stills


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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