Bruce Boxleitner as Tron

I want Bruce Boxleitner on my frisbee team!

by Nur Hussein, contributing writer

Bruce Boxleitner celebrates his 64th birthday today. He is known for various iconic roles such as the titular character in Tron (reprised in Tron: Legacy and the animated Tron: Uprising), Captain John Sheridan in Babylon 5, Devon Woodcomb’s father in Chuck, and Scarecrow in Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

Apart from his well-known roles (and popping up on TV in series such as American Dad and Heroes) you can find Bruce Boxleitner’s work in audiobooks, video games (he even played Tron’s voice in Kingdom Hearts II!) and he’s written a few sci-fi novels of his own: Frontier Earth (1999) and Frontier Earth: Searcher (2001).

Boxleitner’s most recent project, Lantern City, is a steampunk television series, which will allow viewers to participate in the creation of the show. Lantern City is located on the Earth-parallel world of Hetra, which becomes isolated as a means of “protection” from the world’s greedy warlords. The city lives in walled isolation for about 100 years because its own warlord benevolent ruler had the geographically isolated city entombed protected by enormous ramparts. As a result, the citizens of Lantern City know nearly nothing about the rest of their planet, and many have come to believe a myth about a peasant named Nolvan who, they believe, led them to freedom in Lantern City in the first place, and that another Nolvan will arise to lead them to freedom a second time. As an hors d’oeuvre for prospective fans, write Matthew Daley wrote an illustrated novel, now available on Amazon, which introduces the universe, premise,  and main characters. The series promises a great deal of innovation, in everything from writing to production to distribution. It’s an ambitious project from the mind of executive producer Boxleitner.

We at wish Mr Boxleitner a wonderful birthday and a year of great success for his latest project!



Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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