Steampunk author and historian G. D. Falksen

Steampunk author and historian G. D. Falksen

This evening at 9PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern, join us for The Event Horizon with special guest G.D. Falksen.  Widely regarding as the unofficial voice of the Steampunk movement, Falsen has written a large number of articles on the phenomenon as well as a number of short stories and novels.  His work includes several short stories set in his “Cities of Ether” setting, as well as the adventure stories “An Unfortunate Engagement” and “The Mask of Tezcatlipoca,” featured in Steampunk Tales; his work has also appeared in the Footprints and Steampunk Reloaded anthologies. His debut novel, Blood in the Skies, was published by Wildside Press in July 2011; it is the first in a planned series entitled The Hellfire Chronicles, and is accompanied by a concurrently released soundtrack consisting of music from various steampunk artists.

He writes a blog for science fiction website on various topics including reviews, social issues, and current events. He has also written essays for the programs of several Steampunk-themed events, including the Steampunk Art Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford and the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition.

Being released soon is the first book in his new Ouroboros Cycle, The Oroborous Cycle Book One:  A Monster’s Coming of Age Story.

The episode will air again Sunday, December 1 at 4PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern.

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