thePrimordialsThis week’s episode of the Event Horizon features one of the two creators of an intriguing online radio serial, The Primordials.

The Primordials are a pantheon of Gods inspired by the Yoruba culture of West Africa. When Shango and Ogun are banished from their celestial kingdom of Ife, they embark on a four century earthly odyssey full of labor and redemption. This exciting new audio series is set in the cultural Mecca of modern day New Orleans during the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The ultimate urban fantasy has finally arrived!

This all sounds like it should be a comic book, and when you listen to the episodes, it’s written as though that’s what it was.

We review the creations of each guest before we talk to them on the air, and listening to episode one, we knew we had found some magic.

Reginald Nelson, co-creator of the Primordials, will appear on Episode 5 of the Event Horizon on March 16, Saturday night at 9PM Pacific, following Willow Leafstorm’s Steam Powered Cabaret.  And if you miss it, you can catch it next Sunday at 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern.

Gene Turnbow & Susan Fox host, with additional guests David Clarke & Walter Bryant of Offshoot Comics.

Tune in!  You’ll love this one.

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