This one was just too good to pass up. We thought it was the original actors at first, and though we don’t know a lot about where this video came from or who did it (the web site simply refers to the fact that it’s a parody and that they’re selling swag based on “No Bat Stache” and the song itself).

The production values are amazing. They nailed the look of most of the actors, and recreated the visual style of the Dark Knight Rises film for the video, so whoever did this really knew what they were doing.

This is not the first in a long line of “Maybe” parody videos, nor will it be the last. And it’s not the Batman parody we thought we needed. But it’s the Batman parody we deserve.


– 30 –


Blake Wes Freitas
Bruce Wayne Russ Russo
Catwoman Irina Dragomir-Thomason
Bane Matt Holbrook
Commissioner Gordon Andrew Ducote
Cinematography Jonathan Bruno
Color Grading Tashi Trieu
Producers Wes Frietas, Jonathan Bruno
Co-producers Djay Brawner, Andrew Ducote, Kellen Moore
Editor Tyler Trautman
Lyrics Wes Frietas
Lyrics Producer Tyler Trautman
Director Wesley Frietas

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